Drinking water to save lives

Join the Waterathon for the Poor

Step 1. Set your goals

For days, I will drink water in place of (choose one of the following):

all beverages

all beverages except juices/smoothies

all beverages except milk

all beverages except those widely considered as food (milk/juices/smoothies)

all beverages except teas

The following:

Medically needed beverages and dietary supplements/superfoods that are consumed by dissolving in water are exempted (Info).

We recommend you either:

1) Do the “all” or one of the “all except” options because it typically makes for a stronger fundraiser and is easier to describe when telling people.

2) If you pick any combo of the items in “the following” list, try to pick one or ones that you drink a fair amount of,
and do 30 days or more as it might be hard to get people to sponsor you, for example, to give up soda for a week.